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Personal Growth has a Price

Written by Shireen Louw


Posted on July 19 2022

"Nothing is for free" is a saying that made me think long and hard about how I do things, what I expect in return and just in general "how life works"

What I did not realise is that personal growth & success all has a price. 

Growth is painful, yet there is a beauty in getting through things and getting to the other side a better version of yourself of physically/career wise in a better position than before.

I have learned to look at failures in business/personal life as lessons to be learned.

Life is a weird and wonderful teacher, some lessons are harder than others, and if you look at the failures as valuable lessons, you improve yourself, your skills, your knowledge and you get better and/or make better choices going forward.

I have learned some tough lessons, and while I was going through them I did not think of them as "lessons" I seemed to take the "failures" as personal failures and started to be really hard on myself and believe me, I am my own worst critic!

It is a vicious circle that takes a while to break free from if you are not careful!

Only did I start moving forward and using the "failures" for my own improvement when I started looking at them as things that "HAD TO HAPPEN" to get me where I need to be.

We are all human, and we all experience failures from time to time, it truly is how we handle them that makes the difference.

Take your failures, look at them and ask yourself.."What is the Lesson I have to Learn Here"

This way, you take away the sting from the "failure" and you turn it into your advantage as a valuable Life Lesson that will keep you from doing the same thing again, or making the same mistake twice.